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Waag offers safe, open source video conferencing alternative

Waag is hosting Jitsi, a safe, encrypted open source platform for video conference calling. It is free and accessible for all through

The public stack is the collection of open, fair and safe alternatives for the usual suspects offered by big tech companies. Jitsi can be used as alternative for apps like Hangouts, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

How to use Jitsi

  • Open
  • Type name of the meeting under 'een nieuwe vergadering starten' and press start.
  • Invite people by sharing the link for the meeting. Use the popup screen on the right for this. Here, you'll also find the option to set a password for your meeting.
  • Jitsi meetings don't have a limited amount of attendees, but the connection can become unstable when many people are in the meeting at once. This can be fixed by turning off your cameras.
  • Jitsi works best when used in the Google Chrome browser. Most problems emerging in different browsers are solved once Jitsi is opened in Chrome.

Privacy statement

Read our privacy statement (in Dutch) for Jitsi, hosted by Waag on