WEAVE: Perform, provoke and play

Karien Vermeulen

Huge blow-ups of machine and textile techniques.
Live performing movements of weaving, knitting and felting.
Re-mix, re-think and re-use techniques and materials.
And sensory experiences.

With these examples our artists inspired us during the international project meeting of WEAVE in Amsterdam. This week, our colleagues from Explora (Rome) and Art Land (Sofia) visited us to work on the creative concept of the textile workshops and festival that we cooperatively will develop and organize.

With the project WEAVE we want to stimulate children, their families and teachers to learn more about cultural and historical topics in general and textile handicrafts and hypercrafts more specifically. Our main tool for this is the ZigZag festival: 'Textile, fibre and felt - it's Smart Child's play!'.

During this ZigZag event children and artists will make collective textile artworks. And children will learn more about the various (technical) aspects of textiles in educational sessions.

We aim for the workshops and the event not only to be educational by learning about the steps of process from raw material, to fibre to textile. But also to stimulate children’s creativity by re-using materials and techniques. And to get acquainted with traditional and new crafts in a playful manner.

Are you enthusiastic and do you feel like you can’t miss it? Follow us and feel welcome to join us in September to experience textile, arts and crafts in a new way.

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