Embodied learning
Waag BY

What is embodied learning?

Embodied learning is an educational method that has been around for a while in (primary) education. In this method, one does not only offer an intellectual way of teaching, but also involve the whole body. One can think of e.g. doing maths while throwing small bags of sand to each other. By making it physical, the teaching material will be more effective, is the idea. It is a fun way of learning too!

Creative Learning Lab of Waag would like to use virtual worlds for embodied learning and researches this within the project Play of /COMMIT to establish an ‘Embodied Playful Learning Theatre’. Earlier, intern Jelmer de Maat experimented with embodied learning in his game called 'Superhelden Eiland'. In his game, one child at a time could play with virtual objects. To play with more children at the same time in a game is still a technical challenge.

At the educational conference 'Dé Onderwijsdagen' by the Dutch organisation Kennisnet, Meia Wippoo of Waag explained how embodied learning could play a role in education and why it has become more accessible now.