Open Planbureau
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What is the Open Planbureau?

On Wednesday 23 November, the first meeting of the Dutch Open Planbureau was held. On the Dutch version of this page, you can read an interview with Socrates Schouten, who is (together with Marleen Stikker), the initiator of Open Planbureau.

In The Netherlands, the CPB (literally translated: ‘Central Planning Bureau’), analyses the effects of current and future government policies. Research at CPB is carried out on CPB’s own initiative, or at the request of the government, parliament, individual members of parliament, national trade unions or employers' federations. In our intitiative called the Open Planning Bureau, the commons play a central role: the collaborative model to manage cities, land and data.

Elections of 2017
How can we measure the effects of the election programmes of our political parties? Traditionally, it is the CPB that calculates the effects of all ideas and wishes. But are the models that CPB uses still up to date? Can you solve problems within the same system that created them? Can we count on endless economic growth and market forces, or should we shift our focus?

The meetings of the Open Planbureau will be Dutch spoken and are open to Dutch residents.