Anna's Tuin en Ruigte. Foto: Fleur Jager
Anna's Tuin en Ruigte. Foto: Fleur Jager ©

Amsterdam Science Park one-day-walk

What generation, administrator of the grounds and organisms are allowed to talk and decide on the future of Amsterdam Science Park? And what do plants, animals, soil and materials need for a sustainable future? Experience the neighbourhood through the 'eyes' of the other. 

Amsterdam Science Park one-day-walk
On Saturday the 3d of July between 10:00 and 13:00 uur, Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte, Jeugdland, Buurderij Polder and Waag  organise a one-day-walk past local initiatives at Amsterdam Science Park. At every location, someone is there to welcome you. You can start on your own from the Waag container at Startup Village 15 (up the stairs), where you can pick up conversation cards and tasks (NL). Come and have a look, experience and meet up, and shift into the perspective of buildings, worms, wood and your fellow human.  

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Tip! The conversation cards are meant as a conversation starter. Please do come together with a friend, fellow hiker, family member or neighbour. In this way, you'll not only discover local initiatives: this walks invites for a conversation on the future of different perspectives: ourselves, the soil, our food and the park. 

You can hike in your own pace and decide how fast you go - you can only pick a part of the walk! It's also fun to do with kids. 

Participating initiatives // About the organisors 

Permaculture garden Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte
Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte uses the principles of permaculture to shape the polder nature of Science Park. Growing, rooting, crawling, climbing, swimming and flying - there is space for a lot of kinds of wild plants and animals. This is because the largest part of the terrain is still reserved for 'roughness'. In this way, the garden adds to a healthy soil- and waterlife.

Children's play- and building space Nature playground Jeugdland
At the largest adventure-play-and children's workspace of Amsterdam, children are free to roam, play, make and learn. The playground exists for more than seventy years already and is hidden at the border of Amsterdam Science Park. There, you'll find a vegetable garden, pizza-oven, fort-buildingspot, beehive, go-kart track, beehive, animal park and in the nearby future also a barefoot walking path. 

From ground to mouth initiative Buurderij Polder
'Boeren en Buren' (Farmers and neighbours) is a network set up for direct sale of local and artisanal products. They stand for a short chain from ground to mouth. 

Mapping: Waag outpost Startup Village
At the containers of Startup Village at Amsterdam Science Park, you can find Waag's Urban Ecology Outpost. It's the base for the team of Waag and the Urban Ecology pilot of T-Factor, that researches human and non-human relations within the urban area. 

Can't make it on this day? No problem. After the one-day-walk, we'll publish the conversation cards online (in Dutch and English) - in this way, you can walk on your own occasion. 

Anna's Tuin en Ruigte
Anna's Tuin & Ruigte

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This project has received funding from the European Commission under the H2020-SC5-20-2019 call under Grant Agreement number 868887.




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This project has received funding from the European Commission under the H2020-SC5-20-2019 call under Grant Agreement number 868887.