Open Wetlab

Bio-Commons workshop Pixelache

6-6-14 09:30 - 8-6-14 09:30
Pixelache, Helsinki (Finland)

Pieter van Boheemen (Open Wetlab of Waag) will participate in the Bio-Commons workshop during the Pixelache festival in Helsinki from 6 till 8 June 2014. Pixelache Helsinki 2014 will be an international 2-day trans-disciplinary event focusing on the theme of “The Commons”, including bio-, urban culture and knowledge commons topics.

The Bio-Commons in collaboration with Finnish Society of Bioart
The topic of Camp Pixelache 2014 are the commons in general, the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society, including natural materials such as air, water, and a habitable earth. Biotechnological developments show that some of the biological commons are endangered by rigorous attempts of patenting natural biological resources for their utilization in biotechnology. The biohacking scene as well as the DIY Biology movement is working in keeping biology and biotechnology in the commons. The Finnish Society of Bioart will organize a biohacker and DIY Biology sub-theme related to the commons for Camp Pixelache 2014.