Border Sessions: design with DNA

Pieter van Boheemen (Open Wetlab and BioHack Academy) will participate in the Border Sessions festival on Technology & Society on November 11th, 2015 in The Hague. This session is called "Well, why shouldn’t I design with DNA? Do-It-Yourself Synthetic Biology at your local community center".

Synthetic biologists look at DNA the way software developers look at computer code: it simply gives them building blocks to program a ‘bio-application’ with a new-to-nature functionality. Presently, they design and program ‘bio-apps‘ (yeasts) that make vanilla or anti-malaria medicines. And they design bacterial sensors that detect and fight the cancer in your gut. But synbio and its tools are no-longer confined to the labs of universities and companies. At the local community center interested citizen-scientists, artist, do-it-yourself biologists and biohackers are using these same tools of synthetic biology to discover, built and share their knowledge and designs of biology.

Günther Seyfried will show what Do-It-Yourself biology is all about. What are they doing and why? Is it just building with biology or do they have a higher goal? What message are they sending us? And what do they think of the new tools like the ‘CRISPR cut-‘n-paste-DNA-scissors’? In a panel discussion we will focus on questions like what will DIY-bio bring us? Is it safe? Is it secure? Is it ethical?

About Border Sessions
Border Sessions is the festival where you explore how emerging technologies shape our future society.


Filmhuis, Zaal 1, The Hague