Future Internet Lab

Checkpoint @ Het Vrije Westen Festival

5-5-14 10:00 - 5-5-14 16:00
Westerpark, Amsterdam

Do you agree with less freedom?

In The Netherlands we celebrate our freedom for decades on May 5th. But what is the status of our Internet freedom?

Freedom and privacy on the internet are under threat, with far-reaching consequences for the daily lives of millions of Internet users. Their data are being collected ever more frequently and for an ever longer period. Their access to websites can be blocked. That's why Bits of Freedom, Netwerk Democratie and Waag stand up for your freedom and privacy on the Internet during the Vrije Westen Festival in Westerpark, Amsterdam.

The Checkpoint

We will offer every festival visitor free access to a quick and save internet connection within our 'Checkpoint'. And what if you have a dead battery? No worries, from Android to iPhone 5, you can charge up your smartphone aswell. Besides that, a team of internet specialists can help you with handy tips & tricks: from a guide trough your settings to the latest new privacy friendly apps.


This initiative is part of the Let's Fix The Internet programme and asks attention for a common goal: an internet that is open for everyone, where everyone can continue sharing information, and where private communication remains private.