CitySDK Coding Workshop

Our developers Bert Spaan, Taco van Dijk and Head of Technology Development Tom Demeyer are visiting the FutureEverything Festival on 21 March 2013 in Manchester for a CitySDK Coding workshop. 

The CitySDK APIs have been developed to enable the creation of services and applications that can be used across cities, enabling the sharing of best practice and skills within developer communities and public service, and creating larger markets for city based applications. This workshop will be a demonstration of the APIs, an opportunity to get feedback from potential users and chance to input into what datasets should be made available through the APIs. The focus of the workshop will be in the domains of mobility, participation and tourism and from 10.30 – 13.00 will be an opportunity to code using the CitySDK APIs.

The FutureEverything conference, taking place during the Summit of Ideas & Digital Invention in March 2013, is a meeting ground for the digital and creative communities. It is focused on the trends and innovations in the digital sphere. It combines keynotes, critical debates, demos and experiences with open space and participatory sessions. In 2013 there are three main themes - Creative Code, Future Cities and The Data Society. Exploring the interface between technology, society and culture, it is the crucible that allows artists, technologists and future thinkers to share, innovate and interact.

Smart CitySDK is co-funded by the European Union.


FutureEverything Festival, Manchester