Co-creation Lab

Connecting the Dots Conference Rli

30-1-15 09:45 - 30-1-15 18:00
Media Plaza, Utrecht

Marleen Stikker of Waag will take part in a panel discussion on GMO's, local versus global food production and the availability of healthy food at the 'Connecting the Dots' conference at Media Plaza, Utrecht on 30 January 2015.

Drones, 4D printing, DNA-sequencing, lab-on-a-chip, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence are just a few examples of disruptive innovations in food, mobility and buildings. They will inevitably interact, creating new dynamics and challenging society and governments. But what exactly are these challenges, and will we be able to adapt to them? Can we proactively leverage technology to help us cope with major societal and environmental issues?

This conference provides a platform for a discussion of these burning questions by people from different disciplines and backgrounds. Five internationally acclaimed keynote speakers will share their thoughts with you, inviting you to shift horizons in time and thinking.