Zeefdrukken in de Waag, Museumnacht Amsterdam

Co-creation Lab

The Co-creation Lab researches, develops, and improves methods of participation. Central to this is the process of 'co-creation', which Waag has deployed, tested, and improved over the years. The Co-creation Lab is responsible for the collection, documentation and dissemination of Waag’s knowledge and expertise in this area.

Participation and co-creation involve various stakeholders, professionals, and end users from all walks of life. Together they solve complex, layered issues that span a wide variety of domains such as health, social cohesion, education or urban development.

Waag's knowledge and expertise in co-creation and related participation methods are represented in the Co-creation Lab.

These types of issues can often involve a complex set of dependencies. For instance, stakeholders might not be able to articulate their position properly, or the context of a given issue may change too quickly. The Co-creation Lab provides processes to apply focus to a situation while taking into account society, people and their backgrounds. In this way, co-creation leads to better understanding and support for everyone involved in the issue at hand.

We work in multidisciplinary teams to think, design, and build solutions together. To put this into practice, Waag developed the Co-creation Navigator: an open roadmap accessible to everyone helping to shape each unique co-creation process. The Co-creation Navigator is under constant construction. It is the open, inclusive, and honest tool underpinning both the thinking and practice of co-creation at Waag.