Council for Culture meets Art & Tech

23-11-17 20:00
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Grote Zaal, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam

The beautiful stories about technology are not as simple as we thought. The information society also brought us filter bubbles and fake news. On the internet, surveillance became the dominant business model, while in the sharing economy very helpful services, manyal by a new, choppy 'precariat' are just news ways of renting out. And on the horizon we see how the reputation strengthens economic social pressure and self-censorship, and subtly puts pressure on the creative, autonomous person. For those who know how to see these complexities, the next decade offers opportunities.

The Amsterdam Arts Council organizes this evening in collaboration with Waag, Mediamatic and Pakhuis de Zwijger as part of a working visit of the Council for Culture to Amsterdam. It is an encounter with pioneers from various practices in Art & Tech. In the 'e-culture' domain we find playful and curious bridge builders from art and creative industry, biotech and maker movement, science and activism, entertainment and design. Here you will find playfulness and critical thinking in new emerging forms of expression, such as 'creative programming', 'internet art', and 'ethical innovation'.

By investing in Art & Tech we can replace simplistic stories of Silicon Valley with dignified, down-to-earth, holistic stories. Stories where culture, science, market and government go on a 'hype-diet', together. "TEDx McOptimism" is replaced by critical optimism and ultimately a sustainable digital society.

The Council for Culture works and advises from The Hague, but is of course looking at the entire Netherlands. And that is why the Supervisory Board also regularly passes through the city and country. There they open their ears, conduct debates and visit cultural institutions. At the end of November there is a number of days in Amsterdam.

From Waag, research director Chris Julien and general director Marleen Stikker will be present at this event.