Creative Coding Jam Amsterdam 0011

27-3-15 14:00 - 27-3-15 23:00
Makersguild, Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

Work together with other creative coding enthusiasts on an afternoon inspired by food in all its incarnations. You used to build landscapes using only mashed potatoes and your fork - now is your chance to play with food once more, but better. Take your laptop and anything you think you can use! Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. Not a coder? Just really curious about what people create during the jam? Then visit our exciting evening program for visitors.

What is Creative Coding?

Creative Coding Amsterdam is a community of people interested in all creative aspects of computer programming. It is a place to meet for beginners as well as advanced users, for professionals as well as people coding just for fun. We organize informal events where you can meet up with other creative coding enthusiasts, show your work, learn about their work, and create new work together on the fly.

The menu

Nothing is compulsory, and anything is possible. The theme is ‘Food for thought’, but if you have another idea, you can work on that as well. There are projectors for Cake Decoration 2.0, MaKey MaKey kits to make a carrot-piano, and microscopes to see onions as you’ve never seen them before—perhaps inspiring some beautiful visuals. Or you could take your micro-controller, and make a robot that mixes drinks or cuts a cake. It’s all up to you! In the evening, there is a chance to show everything you’ve made to the public at the ‘DIY-dinner’ event.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop and anything else you might need. All levels are welcome to join. We will take care of projectors and screens. The program will start at 14.00 in de Waag and will end with an open DIY-dinner with the public.

The evening programme: a look in the kitchen

At the end of the afternoon we will set the tables in the Theatrum Anatonicum for a DIY-dinner. It’s an original approach towards a shared dinner: bring your own food (there are enough take-away places around the Nieuwmarkt), and let us organize the rest - the drinks and the entertainment. For everyone who is interested in food and new dinner experiences!

  • 18:30 Doors open 
  • 19:00 Welcome & DIY diner (bring your own food!) 
  • 19:30 Dana Cannam about the educational electronic platforms Qmod  
  • 19:50 Anna Berlis about The Future of Meat 
  • 20:15 Break 
  • 20:30 Expo & presentations creative coding jam, drinks, talks + performances

So, are you not participating, but curious about what’s made during the jam? Come and join the DIY-dinner to experience the outcomes yourself. We start at 19.00. 

Entrance for the Creative Coding jam is free for both participants and visitors. We will ask a small contribution for the drinks.