Open Wetlab

Do It Together Bio - build the Open Wetlab

16-11-12 18:00 - 16-11-12 23:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam


After a summer filled with bioart and DIY Bio we will continue building an Open Wetlab the Waag on Friday, November 16. We invite you to build an Open Gel Box / Transilluminator. In the Open Wetlab we work with do-it-yourself biologists on new machines, techniques and protocols. So that anyone with an interest in biology and life sciences can get started in our lab. The Open PCR (DNA- replicator) that we have previously made ​​is eager to be deployed. So is the Amplino, an inexpensive malaria tester (and PCR) that recently won our Mobiles for Good Competition.

The Transilluminator we will assemble on November 16 is a fine piece of essential equipment for genetics research. It makes the results of the Open PCR visible. Marc Dusseiller of the internationale open source and DIY-community Hackteria will demonstrate us how to build a transilluminator in only 15 minutes through Skype. Waag fellow, bio engineer and DIY Bio enthusiast Pieter van Boheemen will explain its use and function. You're welcome from 18h (bring your own take-away dinner with you, we provide plates, cutlery and drinks). At 19h sharp we start building!

Call for equipment
We will put more equipment together. But, at the same time, we are looking for second hand equipment in order to assemble a functional Open Wetlab for collective use.

Friday 16 November
18:00 - 23:00 hrs

Nieuwmarkt 4

Coming soon
Expect more from us in the coming months. We organize various Do It Together Bio events under the guidance of do-it-yourself biologists, scientists and artists: real human blood cell tournaments (Kathy High), electrified gardening (Phoef & Plant-E), yet another version of DIY algae reactor engineering; biotic food modification, fun and functional DNA diagnostics, future cooking and cooking the future (Centre for Genomic Gastronomy, Zack Denfeld & Cat Kramer) and more!