Doughnut & Tech Design Session #1

22-3-18 20:00 - 22-3-18 22:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

As the We Make the City festival approaches in June, Waag is organising five design workshops investigating the relationship between 'Doughnut Economics’ by Kate Raworth and technological innovations within the 'fair, open, inclusive' values ​​of Waag.

These workshops follow up on a previous design workshop with Kate Raworth that took place last January at Waag. With 'Donut Economics' Kate Raworth provided us with a beautiful graphic overview summarising our social and ecological goals. In this work sessions we explore what 21th century/Doughnut economics can mean for innovation and technology.

Entrance is free.

During the session we'll first take a birds-eye view of technology development and discuss what a design canvas for Doughnut & tech could look like. For the second part, we'll take a number of practical design cases from participants to explore the possibilities for designers and innovators to incorporate the vision of Doughnut Economics in our work.

Waag invites designers, developers, system thinkers and active citizens to participate in designing an interactive version of Raworth's image for the city of Amsterdam.


About Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

Kate Raworth has created a framework for the 21st century with her 'Doughnut Economy'. Does our economic behaviour only promote growth and profit or does it serve the needs of humanity and our planet? With this question in mind, Kate Raworth, an economist and researcher at the 'Environmental Change Institute' in Oxford, set out to create a new economic framework. Instead of the traditional image of rising lines and towering graphs, another vision emerged: our economy should look more like a doughnut. The doughnut represents a new circular economy in which our economic activities grow within boundaries: an ideal circle.

About We Make the City Festival

WeMakeThe.City is the festival that makes cities better. A five-day event in which we will tackle urgent challenges in urban daily life. At dozens of locations throughout the city and the metropolitan area. With lectures, film, expositions, performances, city expeditions, games, workshops, talks, labs, workspaces and an attractive weekend programme for a wide audience. For Amsterdam, the region, Europe and the rest of the world. WeMakeThe.City takes place form 20 - 25 june 2018.

Temporary Autonomous Zone

Our Temporary Autonomous Zone evenings provide external parties with the opportunity to take over the Waag building for a night and organise their own programmes. During these evenings, we provide other organisations, groups and initiatives focused on themes related to Waag's own values with a place to try out their new programme with a broad target audience.

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