Open Design Lab

Ectogenesis: Plant-Human Monsters

28-8-16 14:00 - 28-8-16 17:00
Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

In Ectogenesis: Plant-Human Monsters, biologist and artist Špela Petrič (artist-in-residence at Waag) researches the possibility to create a hybrid organism between human and plant, using hormones as carriers of transgressing information. The artist developed her exhibition at the Open Wetlab of Waag. On 28 August (15-18.00 hrs), the opening of the exhibition will take place, including an interactive session.

The exhibition exists of specially designed incubators, that each contain a hybrid embryo. The project researches the anxieties and promises of the recent developments in biotechnology through bio art, in which the boundaries between organisms and existing living species are blurred.

Ectogenesis: Plant-Human Monsters
Špela Petrič
het Glazen Huis, 28 August – 23 October 2016