Exploring healthcare as commons

How can we ensure that citizens receive the care they need, now and in the future? These healthcare challenges require new forms of cooperation and governance, to promote well-being of citizens, democratisation of decision-making processes, and a close relationship with the environment.

Healthcare as commons

By redefining healthcare as a commons, we can establish new connections between different actors within the healthcare ecosystem to promote positive health. During Dutch Design Week 2019, the Chamber of Commons brings together care projects and organisations that promote these new forms of cooperation and governance. Participants explore healthcare as commons, and reflect on their own role in this caring ecosystem.

Chronic Health: It's only human?

With this exploration of healthcare as commons, the Chamber of Commons joins the exhibition Chronic Health: It's only human? from the Embassy of Health. This exhibition not only examines healthcare as commons, but also examines the power of design in transitions in healthcare.

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