Facebook Farewell Party

Facebook Liberation Army demands a free and fair Facebook. And the liberation movement starts in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. Come spend an evening with experts, hackers, and nerds; receive your Facebook Survival Kit; and—of course—party.

Celebrate the Liberation Movement
At the Facebook Farewell Party in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, you'll be informed about the abuses of the current, occupied Facebook, the psychology of users (why do we stay?), and the possibilities of resistance. Join the resistance movement with psychologists, experts, hackers and nerds. We'll start our celebration of the liberation movement at 21:00—complete with Facebook Survival Kit, a party, and DJs. Facebook spies will be unmasked. Long live a free Facebook!

"We want to have access to our own data. We don't want to be bothered with advertisements. We don't want others making money off of us. And we want unhindered social contact with each other. That's what Facebook should be," says the Facebook Liberation Army. These are the voices of your Facebook liberators. The revolution begins on the evening of Tuesday, June 23, at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

The Facebook Liberation Army
There is an increasing criticism of Facebook and how it handles the privacy of its users. Instead of using the growth of its unique platform for pro-social causes, Facebook concerns itself with chipping away privacy and replacing it with ad revenue. For these reasons, a group of Facebook users founded the Facebook Liberation Army to release other users from its grasp.

The Facebook Liberation Army has three divisions: the Hidden (which provide a safe existence on Facebook), the Rebels (who commit to an active resistance to Facebook), and the Refugees (those seeking refuge outside Facebook). There is, obviously, no hierarchy within the social network army—only strength and crushing power. The Facebook Liberation Army wants you!

After the program, there will be a variety of side events in the main hall, and a Freedom Party in the front building. More information about the program will follow soon.

The evening programme will include talks from Aral Balkan (UK, founder and head designer of Ind.ie), Hans Schnitzler (philosopher, writer, and former columnist for the Volkskrant), and Marleen Stikker (director and co-founder of Waag). The National Theatre (in the form of Anniek Pheifer, Mark Rietman and Jappe Claes) will give a theatrical interpretation of the divisions of the Facebook Liberation Army: the Hidden, the Rebels, and the Refugees.

After the programme in the Great Hall, there will be an extensive programme with a lot of DIY activities, where you’ll get hands-on experience with protecting your online privacy. The evening will wrap up with a big party.

The Facebook Farewell Party is an initiative of Waag, Amsterdam Municipal Theatre, and HVA - Institute of Network Cultures.


Leidseplein 26, 1017 PT Amsterdam