The Green Maker Space #2: Reading lichen

The Green Maker Space is a monthly open workspace from Waag at the Startup Village at Amsterdam Science Park. Here, we bring together neighbours, students, workers and researchers to have a look and listen to nature together. We'll be organising practical workshops in which we'll  playfully learn how to create a greener garden, street, and city environment. The Green Maker Space is for everyone who wants to dig deeper into urban ecology. 

How clean is the air that you're breathing? You might wonder. There are all sorts of ways of measuring the air quality, and looking closely at lichen is one of them. Lichen are a symbiosis between a fungi and algae, and it's able to grow almost anywhere. Every climate has its own lichen. For example, there are lichen that love nitrogen, whereas other lichen disappear when there's a lot of nitrogen in the air. The type of lichen you find in your surroundings, unravels something about your environment!  


We have spots for 20 persons. This event is in Dutch. Visit the Dutch event page for more info.



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This project has received funding from the European Commission under the H2020-SC5-20-2019 call under Grant Agreement number 868887.