Hacking Heritage talks

On Thursday, September 17th, we'll close the Hacking Heritage programme of the project Heritage & Location with a grande finale for the entire heritage sector. We'll take a look back at the most remarkable applications. And, we'll look forward to what might be possible in the future.

In the Summer of 2015, Waag and Digital Heritage Netherlands (DEN) invited heritage specialists to enrich their data collections with geolocation information to appeal to a wider audience. In clinics, specialists helped with the standardization of data sets and came up with new ways to make data relevant in this space.

For this event, we're inviting the entire heritage sector for an inspiring meeting where we'll explore how technology can help the sector move forward. However, non-specialists and interested parties from other sectors are also welcome.

During the talks, we'll look back on the rich experiences the research process produced. We'll show great examples and sketches of scenarios for the future. Central to the program will be the opportunities for the heritage sector: the chance to enrich stories, broaden the understanding of collections, and create new audiences.

During this event there will be plenty of opportunities for networking and matchmaking between the heritage and creative sectors. Entrance is free after registration below.


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam