Open Wetlab

KiiCS & ICT Art Connect @ Ars Electronica

6-9-14 09:30 - 6-9-14 11:00
Akademisches Gymnasium, New Building, I-Center, Linz

During Ars Electronica 2014 you can join the BIO KiiCS Open Training presentations and get an exclusive preview to the ICT ART Creative Life Sciences and ICT & Art Connections: How do hands-on approaches in art, science and technology engage young and adult audiences in Europe? 

This program is part of the Ars Electronica Future Innovators Summit.

KiiCS is an EU funded project within which interactions between arts, sciences and technology are organised in order to make our knowledge society more creative and engage the wider public. Life sciences is one of the domains of interest as it is influencing society at large and has the attention of the arts and DIY communities. Science Gallery in Dublin, Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana and Waag in Amsterdam set up activities to engage young audiences in something one can call ‘creative life sciences’. Programmes ranged from community biolabs where world problems were solved to synthetic biology workshops with live material, DNA fingerprinting vs. privacy and DIY neurology.

The questions
What were the successes and what were the failures of the distinct approaches to engage young audiences in creative wet technology? Were they troughly creative and how innovative was the technology and approach? What effects can such an approach have on innovation at large, on new forms of artisitic expression and the engeagement of the European public in knowledge- and technological society?

Presentations by Jurij Krpan (Director Kapelica Gallery), Pieter van Boheemen (Waag Open Wetlab),  Fionn Kidney (Science Gallery International) and Luis Miguel Girao (ArtShare) presenting the IICT ART, followed by a discussion with the audience. Introduction to the KiiCS activities and project, Valentina Montalto (KEA European Affairs), moderation Lucas Evers (Waag).