Launch Dutch Commons Assembly

Commoners from the The Netherlands will gather for the festive launch of 'De Meent', the Dutch Commons Assembly, during the academic Commons-week in Utrecht. The term "commons" derives from the traditional English legal term for common land, which are also known as "commons", but is nowadays more used as a general term for shared resources in which each stakeholder has an equal interest and the collaborative economy.

This event is Dutch spoken. More information is available at the Dutch version of this page.

This initiative emerged as the Dutch follow-up of the European Commons Assembly, of which the first meeting took place in november 2016. Started by Commons Network and other organisations, commoners came from all over Europe to gather at the European parliament and other locations in the EU capital. Since then, the Dutch Commons Assembly met twice and named itself 'De Meent'.

Socrates Schouten is one of the founders of 'De Meent'.


TivoliVredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11, Utrecht