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Launch People Value Company

The Express to Connect consortium is pleased to invite you to a seminar on designing an empathic society, which is organized on the occasion of launching the People Value Company. The event takes place on Friday the 15th of February 2013, at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences' premises in Vantaa, Finland. 

The seminar focuses on the aspects of designing an emphatic society. Based on the research results of the Express to Connect project and the expertise of the People Value Company, you gain insights on how to prepare for the challenges of the aging society by design for the purpose of social connectedness.

Program (Finnish time / CET+1) 

  • 9.30 Registration and coffee 
  • 10.00 New old - Tuula Koli, Senior Advisor 
  • 10.10 For and by – the importance of users when innovating - Jarmo Eskelinen, ENoLL President 
  • 10.30 Design for social connectedness - Sabine Wildevuur, Head of Programme Healthcare, Waag 
  • 10.50 Transitions for the new old - Mie Bjerre, Partner, Copenhagen Living Lab 
  • 11.10 Portraits for reframing - Jesper Svensson, Lecturer in informatics, Halmstad University 
  • 11.30 Key Note - TBA 
  • 12.00 Lunch 
  • 12.50 Turning an iPad into a social board game - Astrid van Roij-Lubsen, Concept Developer, Waag 
  • 13.10 People value assessment - Anne Äyväri, Principal Lecturer, Laurea University of Applied Sciences 
  • 13.30 Looking ahead – toward people value companies - Thomas Hammer-Jacobsen, Head of Lab, Copenhagen Living Lab 
  • 14.00 Coffee break 
  • 14.30 – 15.30 Parallel sessions: Gaming and People Value Canvas 
  • Session 1: Gaming - Astrid van Roij-Lubsen, Concept Developer, Waag 
  • Session 2: People Value Canvas - Thomas Hammer-Jacobsen, Head of Lab, Copenhagen Living Lab 

The seminar is free of charge, but the number of seats is limited. Please register here by 11th February 2013 to reserve a place in the seminar.




Laurea University of Applied Sciences', Vantaa, Finland