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Maptime #11 at DataLab

9-2-17 17:00 - 9-2-17 20:30
DataLab, Weesperstraat 113 BG, Amsterdam

Maptime Amsterdam is a map hack night, for this occasion hosted by DataLab Amsterdam. We meet to work on maps, learn about geospatial data, and teach each other the latest cartographic tools.

Maptime is, rather literally, time for mapmaking. Our mission is to open the doors of cartographic possibility to anyone interested by creating a time and space for collaborative learning, exploration, and map creation using mapping tools and technologies.

In this episode: Learn how to use data of the city of Amsterdam to make your own maps! After an introduction by DataLab we will be presented a very special sneak preview of the Atlas project Datalab is working on. Atlas Amsterdam will officially be launched somewhere in spring 2017. Then it will be time to open up your laptop and figure out how to make a map from an API using QGIS or Leaflet. 

This Maptime will be a hands-on, so make sure to bring your laptop!