Maptime #21 with John Nelson

John Nelson is a cartographer with Esri in Lansing, Michigan (US). His background is in geography and social science, and a tinge of art. He creates maps and content and shares these map-making resources to the public. He writes and speaks about visualisation and design, and occasionally software user experience.

During this Maptime he will share some of the thinking behind making digital maps in a hand-painted aesthetic, and create a couple maps using these techniques. He will provide links to data and materials so attendees are welcome to follow along in the software of their choice.

Maptime is hands-on! So bring your laptop, mouse, sketchbook and pencils!

Feel free to talk to John, show him you own projects and ask him all your questions over some beers! Maptime is BYOB (and food). Tea and coffee is provided, but you're welcome to bring your own beer, drinks, snacks or dinner to the Waag.

Do you want to know more about John Nelson?


How-to blogs: http://esriurl.com/Nelson
Story maps: http://esriurl.com/JohnNelsonStories

English spoken.

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More information about Maptime at: maptime.io.

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