Mastodon and the federative internet

In partnership with PublicSpaces, Waag Futurelab is hosting an open evening on the rise of the federated Internet and Mastodon in particular.

This event will be Dutch spoken. 

With Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, a large number of people are looking for an alternative. For new users of Mastodon, this is often the first introduction to the 'federated Internet'. This is the Internet without a centralized form of control over the network. The rules around using the federated Internet are markedly different from centralized social media platforms.

In this meeting we will discuss the principles of the Fediverse (the federated Internet as a counterpart to the Metaverse) and in particular Mastodon. After a brief introduction, we want to get started pragmatically in four groups, for people with different experiences and desires:

  • People who are not yet on Mastodon and want to know how it works.
  • People who already have an account and want to better understand how to use it
  • People who are considering setting up a Mastodon instance.
  • People who have a Mastodon instance running and want to share knowledge with each other.

Because of the different levels of knowledge, the evening will be interesting for dummies as well as new and experienced admins.

Sign up. (event is in Dutch)






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