Mobiles for Good Introductory Workshop

With the Mobiles for Good Challenge, we hope to promote the development of mobile applications in the Netherlands with a social impact. Think—for example—of better healthcare, welfare, education, security, and employment.

Waag's Creative Care Lab scouts for potential participants, is involved in the selection process, and organizes content (work)sessions for the winning teams. 

What to expect
During this introductory workshop, Vodafone Foundation will outline all the details for the contest: from the selection days and participation criteria to what you can expect if you win the € 30.000 seed capital. Danielle Puma (Vodafone Foundation) will also discuss what makes for the ultimate submission, and Michael Klein (InnoLeaps) will provide a sneak preview of the bootcamp program. 

Submission deadline 
Anybody with a good idea has until May 25, 2015 to submit. Then the six best teams from the pool of entries will be selected. These six teams will each win a cash prize of € 30.000 and a spot in the intensive boot camp program.


Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6, Amsterdam.