MuseumMakers exhibition

From 15 July until the end of August 2016, the special exhibition MuseumMakers can be visited at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. This was created during the three-day MuseumCamp Amsterdam (8-10 July), by museum professionals, makers, designers and coders.

The use of digital technology can be very worthwhile for both museum professionals and visitors. Still, many museums do not know how they can deploy new technologies. What are the choices they have? Which technology suits them best? In the three-day pressure-cooker, the possibilities were explored. The participants created a unique exhibition and let new ways of storytelling emerge.

For this purpose, the Allard Pierson Museum and the Special Collections UvA made objects, spaces and stories available. MuseumCamp Amsterdam brought together a group of talented professionals that joined workshops and activities, aiming for peer-to-peer learning. They worked with new technologies in the exhibition, like the tools developed in the European MeSch project and the MaKey MaKey.

MuseumCamp Amsterdam was organized by Allard Pierson Museum, Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam, Waag, Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland (DEN), University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam and the Lectoraat Crossmedia of the Reinwardt Academy.


Allard Pierson Museum, Oude Turfmarkt 127, 1012 GC Amsterdam