NGI Policy Summit 2020 - Visions for the future internet: what if?

Waag director Marleen Stikker will be a keynote speaker during NGI Policy Summit 2020. Together with Katja Bego (Nesta) and Juha Leppänen (Demos Helsinki) she will share her vision on the future of the internet.

Over NGI Policy Summit 2020

'Bringing together a coalition of internet changemakers from 28-29 September, the Summit will lay out an ambitious European vision for the future internet and explore the policy interventions and technical solutions that can help get us there. The Summit is aimed at local, national and international policymakers but we also welcome researchers, innovators and civil society organisations who can share practical ideas for a more human-centric internet.'

NGI Policy Summit 2020 is organised by Nesta and Gemeente Amsterdam, in collaboration with the European Commission and as part of the Next Generation Internet programme. This is a European Commission initiative that works on a more democratic and resilient internet. 

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