Open Design / Shared Creativity International Conference

The Open Design / Shared Creativity International Conference will once again be held as part of the FADfest 2013 on 5 and 6 July in Barcelona. ODSC is reaching its second edition with the intention of becoming an annual space for reflection on the culture of open design and its potential in the creative professions. Marleen Stikker of Waag will deliver a keynote speech at the conference:

Re-engineering the world
How open design contributes to social innovation

In the eighties it was the personal computer, in the nineties it was the public Internet, and this century it is personal fabrication that empowers our civil society. And in the last 30 years, we saw several other movements that led to an open innovation model: open source, open content and open design. How do these changes affect existing production chains and how will they affect the way we exchange value? Are the current macro economic models still valid?

Marleen Stikker will address these issues, whilst discussing two major endeavours of Waag in applying open design for social innovation: FairPhone and Low-Cost Prosthesis.

What is open design?
Open design promotes the application of principles that arose from the free software and open-code movement. It is based on the idea that creativity, and society in general, benefit from open communication channels and from the free transmission of information. This is why open design seeks to share the processes of creation, distribution and production of objects, ideas or systems, so that others may use them to adapt, reformulate, produce or distribute those designs or content according to their needs.

Why shared creativity?
The culture of open design is very quickly leading to a change in paradigm in the creative industries, enabling a collaborative economy of vast potential both for designers and creators and for users and consumers. It is very much an effervescent area that is generating new business models, innovative creative processes and participative consumer practices.


Plaça dels Angels, 5-6, 08001 Barcelona, Spanje