Open Wetlab @ OHM2013

At OHM 2013 Pieter van Boheemen (Open Wetlab) will provide you with a blue print in flux for your own open source biology lab. Using Innoculab, you will experiment hands-on with two open source DIY biology projects.

1) Bio electricity reactors
Blurring the boundaries between life science and electronics, you will wire up bacterial nanowire networks to your own electrical circuit. The microbes will convert hydrocarbons to electrons, generating enough current to power a simple device.

2) Hacking DNA fingerprints

Your DNA fingerprint is one of the most intimate aspects of your identity. Therefore, DNA evidence is used for an increasing amount of criminal, missing persons, mass disaster, and paternity cases. During the workshop you will play the role of crime scene investigator, trying to figure out "Who done it?" with several samples using open Source hardware. We will also show the vulnerabilities of this method and how to hack it.

11.00 Introduction to Innoculab

11.30 Explaining and building a bio electricity reactor

13.45 Explaining and hacking DNA fingerprints
16.30 Wrap up & discussion

About Innoculab

In need of a blueprint for an Open Source biology lab? Innoculab provides you with a guide to start a community, build a biolab and instructions for hosting your own workshops.


Observe Hack Make
Geestmerambacht eventterrein
Wagenweg 20, Oudkarspel


August 2 2013

11.00 till 17.00 hrs


OHM2013 Geestmerambacht Oudkarspel