Pet Shop Food Bar workshop: hack your (super)food

Want to harvest your own homegrown algae from a DIY micro-algae reactor? During the “hack your (super)food” workshop, you'll learn how to build a micro-algae reactor, how to inspect your crop, and how to process the algae as “superfood” to supplement your diet.

With handmade reactors, participants will be able to cultivate their own colony of adorable, microscopic “pets.” But these little guys aren't just pretty to look at—they've got a lot to offer! Algae are full of vitamins and minerals, which is why they're known as a “superfood” in popular culture. But how super is superfood anyway? And what can we do with it? During the evening we'll be delving into the mysteries of superfoods as we discover how to grow algae ourselves. Are you an amateur, artist, or designer who likes to experiment with food and health? Come help us cultivate new ways to grow our food and discover more about healthy living.

Pet Shop Food Bar
Waag is opening its pop-up microbial pet shop in Amsterdam’s city centre once again. After three successful events, at Dutch Design Week, Museum Night Amsterdam and the Red Light Pet Shop in the heart of Amsterdam's red light district, it's time to find out how our micro-pets can contribute to the future of our food.

Grab a superfood breakfast at our Pet Shop Food Bar; surprise your friends with some homemade spirulina candies; or learn about how bacteria contribute to our food, flora, and food intake. Our collection of bacteria, fungi, and algae is available for purchase at the Pet Shop Food Bar. In our workshop series, we will research the possible effects our biobank might have on future food trends.

The Pet Shop Food Bar is organized in cooperation with BigPicnic, a collaborative project between Waag and 15 botanical gardens that focuses on food security in the future. Because what do we really know about our food? What does it mean that farming is becoming more one-sided? And could something as simple as bacteria help us? In the Pet Shop Food Bar, we will examine the roles biotechnology, mircoorganisms, and bacteria can play in shaping the future of our food.

Fee € 15,- 

The Pet Shop Food Bar is open from 3 November till 26 November: Tuesday -Saturday from 11:00 till 17:00.


Pet Shop Food Bar, Houtkopersdwarsstraat 6, Amsterdam