Red Light Pet Shop City Tour: catch your pets in the wild!

Did you ever wonder what kinds of micro-pets might be hiding in your local café, your neighbourhood supermarket, or the museum you visited recently?

Workshop and Red Light city tour (hunting microbes)
During this workshop, we'll take a city tour to catch our own microbes in different locations around the red light district, using what we find as a way to create a microbial map of the city of Amsterdam.

Our tour guide will provide us with a route, using the pop-up Red Light Pet Shop as a base. Participants are asked to indulge in their curiosity and collect pets from the most bizarre and interesting places possible. In what kinds of unexpected places can we discover microbes? What is the connection between the microbes we find and the residents of the city? How can we use microbes to better understand the city of Amsterdam?

After navigating the urban landscape with our tour guide, we'll bring our wild microbes into the Red Light Pet Shop and learn how to culture what we find. We will then let our wild microbes grow in captivity and present the results on the final evening of the Red Light Pet Shop. What will you find? And where will you find it?

Fee € 15,-

Red Light Pet Shop
Waag is opening the world's first pop-up microbial pet shop in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District. After hosting two successful events in 2015—at the Dutch Design Week and the Museum Night Amsterdam—we've decided to open our biobank to the public for three whole weeks at the Schatjes Gallery!

In the Red Light Pet Shop, our curated collection of bacteria, fungi, and algae will be available for purchase. Caring for these creatures is fun, educational, and highly rewarding! So come pick up some of our cutest micro-pets and wake up each morning to the sight of a happy colony. And remember: if you take good care of your pets, one day they may just take care of you.


Schatjes gallery, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 119- souterrain, Amsterdam