Re:publica 13

Katalin Gallyas (Economic Affairs, City of Amsterdam) will speak at a session called 'How Cities can foster innovation with apps and Open Data' at the Re:publica 13 conference in Berlin on 8 May 2013. The presentation has been prepared by Ivonne Jansen-Dings, project manager and open data evangelist at Waag.

Open Innovation is a new emerging theme for governments, the added value created by open data, crowdsourcing, ecosystems with app developers can be demonstrated now after 2 years of experimentation. A time for breakthrough in city governance.

Cities are forced to reinvent themselves due to the economic crisis, budget cuts and due to the emergence of new Internet technologies. New business models are emerging daily, based on platforms, communities, social media that require an up until now unknown adaptability from the city as well. Are we able to react timely?

On one side cities are forced to start new projects, develop better infrastructure with less available resources, on the other hand our "24 hours plugged in" citizens are demanding city services that make an immense use of new media and smart tools such as mobile apps. Digital technologies are enabling new forms of participation in ways that we couldn’t imagine before.

We will demonstrate how Amsterdam went through in an evolution process, and what kind of strategies is good to convince politicians. Also we will demonstrate how important it is in policy to make the proof of evidence and to create business cases. Amsterdam has already invested a lot in exploring the potential of Open Data, Crowdsourcing. We collaborate with local innovation labs, agencies, and media labs to enlarge the effect.

8 May 2013

Re:publica 13
Station Berlin, Germany


Station Berlin