SINN Meetup 9: Digital Social Innovation
Pakhuis de Zwijger CC0

SINN #9: Digital Social Innovation

'Social innovation' refers to the new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that strive to provide solutions for serious social challenges – from job opportunities and education to health care, social engagement, and environmental problems. It is time for Digital Social Innovation meetup #9! 

Using the Internet for social good

19.30 welcome by Egbert Fransen, director @ Pakhuis de Zwijger. 
19.35 introduction by moderator Paul Keller, vice chair @ Kennisland. 

Part I Innovating for social good 
19.40 - 20.00 Presentation by Simon Willis, director @ Young Foundation

The Young Foundation is a leading independent centre for disruptive social innovation. “We create new movements, institutions and companies that tackle the structural causes of inequality. We work to create a more equal and just society, where individuals can be fulfilled in their own terms. We believe that little about the future of society is inevitable. Bound by our shared humanity, we believe we collectively have the power to shape the societies and communities we want to live in.”

20.00 - 20.10 Q&A with the audience, moderated by Paul Keller. 

Part II A vision on digital social innovation
20.10 - 20.20 Presentation by Sacha van Tongeren, researcher @ Waag

The Internet is playing an ever-increasing role in how we work, play, and relate to each other. As a natural result of this, many of the most exciting new innovations that address social issues are being developed online. We call this exciting new field 'Digital Social Innovation' and it includes a diverse set of activities and actors.

20.20 - 20.25 Q&A with the audience, moderated by Paul Keller. 

Part III Local practice
20.25 - 20.40 Presentation 
by Michel Visser, founder @ Konnektid

20.40 - 20.45 Q&A with the audience, moderated by Paul Keller. 

Part IV Urgent Matters
20.45 - 21.30 Interaction with the audience 

Wrap up 
21.30 - Closing by Paul Keller 

Round the table with Simon Willis, Marleen Stikker and Chris Sigaloff.




Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 181, 1019 HC, Amsterdam