SPECS #2: Under the hood of the Internet

What does it actually mean that we live in an 'information society'? Does it mean that we live in a well-informed, truly democratic society? Who is in charge when it comes to the Internet? And in which ways do administrators and citizens have to deal with these powers? During the debate ‘Under the hood of the Internet', audience participants and opinion leaders will discuss these questions, focusing on the themes Infrastructures of Power, from the perspectives of Politicians and Citizens.

Kickoff 'Forms of Today's Futures'

This debate is the kickoff of ‘Forms of Today's Futures’: a series of events, workshops and meetings in which we investigate what our future Information Society could look like.


20.00 Welcome by Frank Kresin (Research Director, Waag), Mieke van Heesewijk & Josien Pieterse (Netwerk Democratie).
20.05 Future thinking in a technological world: Introdcution to the Forms of Today’s Futures program by researcher Dorien Zandbergen.
20.20 A vision on the future of power & democracy in the Information Society from the European Parliament. By politician Marietje Schaake.

20.35 Debate on the main themes of the evening with theatrical interventions by the Veenfabriek.

21.35 Drinks

During the debate, we will discuss the following questions and issues:


Infrastructure of Power: What do the power structures of the Internet look like? How can we visualize these?

  • Politics
: To what extent should politicians and administrators understand technology in order to make the right decisions and design fitting regulations? Should programmers and technicians be more involved in shaping political decisions?

  • Citizens
: To what extent can citizens exercise control within the power structures of the Internet? What technical knowledge and skills is needed for this and how is this knowledge distributed across the population?



Nieuwmarkt 4

1012 CR Amsterdam


March 28 2013
20.00 till 21.30 hrs

Entrance 5 euro.

‘Under the Hood of the Internet 'is the launch of ‘Forms of Today's Futures', organized by anthropologist Dorien Zandbergen, Netwerk Democratie, Waag and the Veenfabriek.

This project is made possible by a subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL.


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam