Symposium 'A spectrum of needs'

Designing for people with autism

At December 19 TU Delft organizes a symposium about designing for people with autism. Sabine Wildevuur, Head of our Creative Care Lab, will present our project BodyGuard during the symposium. As a showcase for design for people with autism.

About the symposium
Traditionally, design is often aimed at mass production, with a focus on large user groups that show relatively little variation. When designing for specific groups, e.g. people with different abilities such as autism, the requirements of an individual become more important. The experiences of these specific users are very different from what the designer knows, which places special demands on how design research is done.

How do you design for specific target groups, such as people with autism? How close should the designer get to the user? And how does she get there? In this symposium Helma van Rijn (TU Delft), Ina van Berckelaer Onnes (Universiteit Leiden), Jeremy Myerson (Royal College of Art, London) and Deana McDonagh (University of Illinois, USA) will address these questions. Next to Sabine, Pascalle Karthaus (UNITiD) will present a design case.

TU Delft, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
Van der Grinten hall, Building 32
Landbergstraat 15
2628 CE Delft

19 December 2012
9.30 - 13.00, you are welcome from 9:00


TU Delft, Landbergstraat 15, Delft