Smart Citizens Lab

ThingsCon Smart Citizen workshop

2-12-16 11:00 - 2-12-16 13:00
Volkshotel Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 150, 1091 GR Amsterdam

Frank Kresin of Waag will give (together with others) a 'Smart Citizen' workshop at Thingscon in Amsterdam on 2 December 2016.

The Internet of Things is here to stay; no one is questioning that. But we still see that the creation of relevant connected products is not the default. The talk on IoT is often on the data systems and infrastructure, on the new business models. But how do you design smart products that add real value to the user? How do you as a designer use data in a responsible way? Visit ThingsCon and participate! Be inspired by the best designers and creators of the new connected world and product and share your ideas during the many (20+) sessions and workshops.

Design the future with Internet of Things
ThingsCon is Europe’s leading conference about the future of hardware, connected devices and Internet of Things. Adventurous designers, whizzkids and IoT pioneers from across the world come together for a series of hands-on workshops, intimate sessions and an international line-up of top notch speakers cover everything it takes to grow a hardware product from prototype to scaling business.

For the plenary program, these are the following speakers:

  • Ame Elliot is a Design Director for Simply Secure, a nonprofit service organization dedicated to making ubiquitous privacy and security a reality.
  • Alper Cugun is a software engineer, design strategist and publicist.
  • Peter Bihr explores the impact of emerging technologies. He founded The Waving Cat to help apply the insights through consulting, R&D, conferences and publications.
  • Justyna Zubrycka is the co-founder and chief designer of VaiKai, a new connected wooden toy that want to enable kids to discover free play.
  • Usman Haque is founding partner of Umbrellium and Thingful, a search engine for the Internet of Things. Earlier, he launched the Internet of Things data infrastructure and community platform
  • David Li has been contributing to open source software since 1990. He is member of Free Software Foundation, committer to Apache projects and board director of ObjectWeb.

Have a look at the full programme here.

If you are researching the possibilities the Internet of Things offers, make sure you don’t miss ThingsCon. ThingsCon is designed for professionals – designers, coders, hackers, creators, strategists – and for companies with an active interest in internet of things and creation of hardware products.

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