Smart Citizen Kit 2.1 2019 BY-NC-SA
Smart Citizen Kit version 2

New version Smart Citizen Kit available

Five years ago we tested the 1.1 version of the Smart Citizen Kit with 100 Amsterdammers in a pilot project for three months. This sensor kit has been further developed at Fablab Barcelona during the past three years and has been tested within the European Making Sense project.

The improved 2.1 version of the kit is now ready and can be pre-ordered via Seeed Studio. There is a starter kit available that consists of a Smart Citizen Kit that includes an adapter and USB cable. Communities can also order a 15-pack version.

What does the 2.1 version measure?

The Smart Citizen Kit focuses on the weather, sound, light and air quality. The following overview shows the different sensors in version 2.1:

  • Temperature (°C) - Sensirion SHT31
  • Relative humidity (% rh) - Sensirion SHT31
  • Noise level (dBA) - Invensense ICS4342
  • Ambient light (lx) - Rohm BH1721FVC
  • Air pressure (barometer, kPa) - NXP MPL3115A2
  • Equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2 in ppm) - AMS CCS811
  • Volatile organic compounds (ppb) - AMS CCS811
  • Particulate matter (PM1/2,5/10 in μg/m3) - Plantower PMS 5003


The documentation about this version can be found here. Our findings in 2014 showed that the housing can be an important factor by influencing the sensors; there must be sufficient air flow, but also a watertight environment. And the placement is important (not in full sun for example).

SCK Outdoor housing
A proposed housing at iSCAPE - not the best solution perhaps



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Making Sense has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 688620.