Unity | Duality | Trinity: Changing the culture of fashion

During the Unity | Duality | Trinity exposition in De School Amsterdam, Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam is partaking in a talk about fashion and sustainability: Changing the culture of fashion, on Sunday 29 August from 16:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs. 

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Unity | Duality | Trinity

Unity | Duality | Trinity is a group exposition in De School Amsterdam, held from 12 to 29th of August. In this exposition, themes surrounding unity and systems of synergy are being explored. The exposition is based on the thought that we should not exploit each other and our resources, but instead, we need to work towards a collaborative future, recognising that everything is interconnected and moving in systems and cycles of exchange and reciprocity. 

During the exposition at De School, various talks and workshops will be organised, including the talk by Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam.

About TextileLab Amsterdam

Waag's TextileLab aims to bring about social change in the field of textiles, fashion and materials. She focuses on textiles from a variety of different angles. The lab conducts material research, which is stored in her material archive. She also researches current and historical manufacturing processes and breathes new life into age-old craft techniques. With the help of digital manufacturing and biotechnology, the lab develops new, innovative materials and conducts research concerning their concrete application. The TextileLab researches and promotes circularity, sustainability, and equality within the fashion industry. She also offers space and support to designers and artists.