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The TextileLab aims to bring about social change in the field of textiles, fashion and materials. She focuses on textiles from a variety of different angles. The lab conducts material research, which is stored in her material archive. She also researches current and historical manufacturing processes and breathes new life into age-old craft techniques. With the help of digital manufacturing and biotechnology, the lab develops new, innovative materials and conducts research concerning their concrete application. The TextileLab researches and promotes circularity, sustainability, and equality within the fashion industry. She also offers space and support to designers and artists.

The TextileLab bridges the gap between textiles and technology and brings innovation to the slowly changing fashion industry.

During the annual Fabricademy, the lab transfers her techniques, knowledge, and production processes to participants and strives to develop innovative business models. Fabricademy is a decentralised programme that occurs via distributed learning in dozens of labs across the globe. The TextileLab has developed portions of the Farbicademy curriculum and annually provides part of the lessons. In addition, the lab organises exhibitions and workshops, and its members regularly participate in debates. By making her strategies open-source and targeting all stakeholders in the textile chain, TextileLab bridges the gap between technology and textiles and brings innovation to the slowly changing fashion industry. She aims to create a strong community of makers, form connections, and support interdisciplinary approaches.

Current projects