Open Design Lab

Urban Mining at the Discovery Festival

28-9-12 20:00 - 29-9-12 03:00
NEMO, Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam

The Discovery Festival is a night out with content: exciting science experiments, music, art and inspiring new ideas. It's all about the thrill of discovering new things. During the night you can join our Urban Mining workshops, which are part of our project FairPhone.

Our phones contain around 30 minerals and resources. When a mobile phone is not working and discarded, these raw materials are lost. That is a shame, because they are easy to recycle. Sustainable use of mobile phones thus begins with recycling, or with 'Urban Mining'. This is the alternative extraction strategy for raw materials like gold, coltan, silver or iridium. In our workshop you will learn the necessary skills to demolish your old phone.

Don't feel like mining? Bring your collection of old mobile phones to the festival and hand them in. We have plenty of room in our mine!

Friday, September 28 2012
21:00 to 4:00

Science center NEMO
Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam