Waag x De Groene meetup: De Groene Ruimte

Attention to all (future) users of De Groene Ruimte! What does the internet look like without Big Tech, extractive business models and surveillance? Join the discussion on the future of the internet on 21 April and experiment with us in De Groene Ruimte.

Waag and news magazine De Groene Amsterdammer have joined forces in experimenting how to break ties with Big Tech. Since one month, the participants in our search have been using De Groene Ruimte, supported by the Element app and based on the Matrix protocol for communications. Hence, it is a safe digital public space, taking us one step further from current social media platforms. But how do we design the interior of De Groene Ruimte?

Join the discussion on Thursday 21 April in de Waag. Please note that the discussion will be in Dutch. A ticket costs 5 euros and includes a drink.


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