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Walking towards the future #2: land walk

5-6-21 09:00 - 1-11-21 23:00
Lettele (bij Deventer)

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The soil takes care of our food, but who takes care of the soil? Starting Saturday 5 June, Waag's land walk is available! During this walk, you'll see the farmlands of 'Land van Ons', a citizen's initiative buying pieces of land where the soil has been exhausted by agriculture. This cooperation rents out the land to farmers who restore its biodiversity and landscape. The walk is an opportunity to think along about the future of the Netherlands: how do we want to take care of our land in the future?

In advance, you will receive a package with all information on the walk, near Lettele (Deventer). The package consists of routes, conversational topics, and a list of recommended materials. The digital version of the package can be downloaded. 

The walk is corona proof, and you can do it whenever it suits you best.

download walking package

Read more about this event in Dutch