Anna's Tuin & Ruigte: circulaire dome - Landschapsfestival 2023
Anna's Tuin & Ruigte BY-NC-SA

Workshop: Building with what's already there

This event is part of Met andere ogen: Landschapsfestival. Dutch will be spoken. 

In the Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte permaculture garden, one can find many different habitats for wild animals and plants. There is a vegetable garden, a food forest and the garden serves as a green corridor, where the fox and kingfisher can be spotted. 
Currently the Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte team is building a dome that will function as a greenhouse. The dome will allow them to increase the yield in darker seasons and to grow a variety of crops that need a warmer climate. The dome will be made of bamboo and recycled plastic, with a foundation of old garden tiles.

On Saturday the 3rd of June, in a workshop you can learn about building a dome in a sustainable and circular way.

Workshop 1: building with bamboo

People often perceive bamboo as an invasive and unwanted plant in their garden. In this workshop, Anna's Tuin & Ruigte will show us that bamboo is actually a very versatile and strong material, which can be used in sustainable constructions. You will help building a dome (greenhouse) from locally harvested bamboo and recycled plastic, with a foundation of old garden tiles. 


10.00 - 11.30 hrs: Explanation about bamboo building techniques
11.30 - 13.00 hrs: Practically work with bamboo by helping to build the dome construction

Waag takes care of drinks and snacks. This workshop was developed by Fleur Jager & Rik Vuur from permaculture garden Anna’s Tuin & Ruigte.

Clothing requirements

There will be building activities during this workshop so please wear old and loose clothes. Sturdy footwear is also recommended. Gardening gloves are available in the garden.


The garden is accessible for everyone. If you are in a weelchair you can listen to the first part of the workshop and watch the second part. Helping with building the dome won’t be possible unfortunately.

Please note: if you are tight on funds but would like to participate in this event, please contact tanja [at] waag [dot] org. 

Met andere ogen: Landschapsfestival

Met andere ogen: Landschapsfestival invites you to set your senses on the Amsterdam Science Park and discover the city as a living place, together with artists, local residents and scientists. During the landscape festival, we will build a different relationship with nature together. Workshops, installations and biodiverse interventions will shift our attention from bricks and structures to critters and soil during the summer months.

About T-Factor 

This programme is part of the international project T-Factor. How can we create urban initiatives in an inclusive way and for a variety of life forms, such as people, plants, animals and microbes? Over the next two years, within T-Factor, Waag will investigate these and more questions about interim initiatives at the Amsterdam Science Park.




7,50-10 euro


Anna's Tuin & Ruigte
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam



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This project has received funding from the European Commission under the H2020-SC5-20-2019 call under Grant Agreement number 868887.