Future Internet Lab

Workshop eCitizen Charter EU

26-6-17 11:00 - 26-6-17 16:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

With the rise of new technology, European governments are changing their focus to a more service-oriented role. In this new development of government services, the view and opinion of citizens is crucial. As end users of these services citizens should have influence on how these services are developed and what design principles are used in the development of these services.

In order to give citizens the opportunity to influence this new developments, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is creating a EU Digital Citizen Charter. In several workshops across Europe, citizens are giving their input on what it is to be a Digital Citizen. The outcomes of these workshops are used to create this charter.

In this workshop, organised by Waag, Dutch citizens can participate.

The workshop is Dutch spoken.

The goal of the workshop is to collect their ideas, insights, thoughts and questions on what it means to be a Digital Citizen and what principles should be used to design new digital government services.