Smart Citizens Lab

Workshop Internet of Things (LoRaWan)

26-11-15 20:00 - 26-11-15 22:30
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

Together with Waag, Internet Society Nederland organizes an evening about LoRaWan on 26 November 2015. LoRa is a new technology to connect devices on a long distance to the Internet. The LoRa-protocol (LoRaWAN: Long Range Wide Area Network) has especially been developed to meet the high demands of The Internet of Things. LoRaWAN is also very energy efficient. Objects are able to function up to three years on one battery charge.

Long range
LoRa enable a kind of wifi hotspots with a distance a wide as ten kilometres, much wider than a usual home network. A Lora-device, or ‘gateway’, is connetcted to the internet connection of a company. One of the ten Amsterdam gateways is situated at the Waag.

The Things Network
“This new technology LoRaWAN is very powerful. You can reach the whole of Amsterdam with just 10 gateways. And these device will run for years to come."
- Wienke Giezeman, initiator of The Things Network

Build an think at the next Internet of Things
This night about LoRaWan takes place on 26 November at the Waag in Amsterdam. Johan Stokking is one of the speakers this night. We are also interested in your ideas. In workshops we will try to find new possible applications for LoRaWan in the (near) future.

20.00 Welcome
20.10 Explanation of the platform; technical aspects and potential
20.25 Questions
20.30 Examples that already use LoRaWan technology
20.45 Workshops aimed at finding new potential applications
21.30 Conclusion and drinks
22.30 End