Creative Learning Lab

ZigZag workshop training

12-11-14 14:00 - 12-11-14 18:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

During this training for educators we breath new life into forgotten craftsmanship with the help of classic and digital hands-on methods.

Why textile and technology?
Textile plays, besides its industrial function, an important role in preserving cultural and social heritage and expresses lifestyles, geographical areas, history, traditions, values and symbols. Teachers and education professionals will play an important role in this project in the (re)introduction of 'forgotten' traditional techniques and new applications, such as the use of smart textiles and digital manufacturing.

Hands-on training
Waag has developed various playful workshops to introduce kids (3-12 years) into textile crafts and arts. With the help of a handy toolkit we will train teachers, school-leaders and educational assistants in giving their own ZigZag workshops.

Besides sharing knowledge about materials and different sorts of techniques (from knitting to digital fabrication) we will also discuss how to integrate these workshop in your own lessons in or outside school. All workshop participants will get instructions and materials to practice to bring home.

This workshop is in Dutch. 

This ZigZag workshop training is part of the international project WEAVEThis project is supported by the European Commission (EACEA).