Heleen van der Zaag

  • Intern
    Heleen van der Zaag

    Heleen van der Zaag did her graduation research with Waag.

    Her research was about how soft skills can be communicated and taught to people via digital media. Specifically she looked at the soft skills that are necessary for co-creation. This knowledge was used to see how the Co-creation Navigator can be expanded to support people in learning these skills.

    Heleen is student Interaction Technology and Education and Communication in the Science (informatics) at the University of Twente. Her interest is in how the interaction between people and technology, for example robots, can be successfully (among others, effective, ethical and emotional) be designed.


  • We learn
    Creative Learning Lab
    What role are robots going to play in our educational system? We organised an evening around this question.
  • We learn
    Co-creation Lab
    What is co-creation? How can the Co-creation Navigator facilitate this? Just two of the questions discussed during a first workshop at Waag.