TextileLab is a creative research lab combining digital fabrication processes, crafts techniques, textiles knowledge and material research into relevant opportunities for the textile, fashion and material fields and how these affect the way we work together towards change.

As starting point, TextileLab embeds the core values of Waag into tangible practise cases and divides its activities in research, knowledge sharing and showcasing, that form a constant workflow cycle, where both technical and cultural innovation are continuously feeding each other.

By embedding open-source strategies, circular approach, a vision based on the entire chain and ecology, Textile Lab helps bridging innovation in the tech and textiles field.

TextileLab is part of Make and together with Fablab Amsterdam and the Open WetLab, it defines the research agenda and the vision on how we make, why we make, what we make at Waag.

The lab facilitates a strong community of practitioners, by further connecting them and supporting their collaborative and interdisciplinary approach.

TextileLab is made possible by a subsidy of the Fund Creative Industries NL.